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The use of specific cultivation respect the environment, limit the use of chemicals and offer the consumer a healthy and natural product. The destination of our products is divided into two branches:

  • I ° range loose vegetables
  • IV ° range packaged vegetables

I ° The range includes all the products that do not undergoing any type of processing after harvest are placed on the fresh market in bulk or cassette type pasqualina decks, valerian all types of lettuces loose etc., or arugula, radishes, radicchio in bunches, etc. .

The IV ° range includes all those vegetables that are transported immediately after harvest in specialized laboratories where they undergo the kind of work that leads us to propose to the consumer veggies washed centrifuged and packaged in bags or trays.

Thanks to a constant collaboration with packaging laboratories and to a constant monitoring of the working process we can guarantee the consumer a safe product from the point of view of health and hygiene and quality.

We can offer customers daily deliveries throughout the peninsula taking advantage of transporters who observe strict parameters:

Punctuality, hygiene and temperature control means so as to ensure the freshness of the product.